The LaGrange L1 Kit includes:
  • 1-LaGrange L1 rear truck (with necessary drivetrain components)
  • 1-Bottom-mounted electronics bracket (specifically designed with the Mamba Monster ESC in mind)
  • 1-Universal 22 mm wheel hub (to convert any standard skate wheel to a LaGrange L1 drive wheel)
  • 1-Color matched front truck (Surf-Rodz 10mm RKP)
  • 10-Precision skate-grade 10mm bearings (complete set for both front and back trucks)
Required components (Not Included in the kit):
  • Motor
  • ESC (Electronic Speed controller)
  • R/C Transmitter and Receiver
  • Longboard Deck
  • Skateboard Wheels (set of 4)
  • Skateboard hardware (nuts and bolts to attach trucks to deck)
  • Battery Pack
  • Battery Cable (“leash” or wiring to run a remote-battery configuration)
  • Battery Charger
The LaGrange L1 is designed for use with the following recommended components (sold separately):
  • A quality Longboard skate deck
  • A quality set of skateboard wheels (wheels of 70mm diameter and larger are recommended)
  • Mamba Monster ESC (Electronic speed controller - manufactured by Castle Creations)
  • Spectrum Dx2E R/C Radio system 
  • 63mm diameter brushless outrunner electric motor with the standard 44mm bolt spacing and a KV value in the 200 to 300 range
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