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 The LaGrange L1 by RedRock Boardshop is a precision machined skateboard truck used for building custom electric skateboards. It is a variation of the TKP truck made in collaboration with Surf-Rodz with an integrated motor-mount and belt-drive system.


The DIY kit comes partially assembled and includes: the LaGrange L1 motorized skate truck with drive hardware, bottom-mount electronics bracket (eBracket), a 10-mm Surf-Rodz RKP truck with 176-mm hanger (for the front of the board), and one universal wheel hub.

The LaGrange L1 skate truck by RRBS is designed to be powered by standard hobby-grade electronic parts. These R/C parts can be found at your local hobby store and are NOT INCLUDED in the DIY (do-it-yourself) kit. A comprehensive list of tools, skateboard parts, and R/C electronic components that are required to build a complete electric skateboard can be found in RedRock Boardshop's Quick Start Guide and in the Assembly Instructions for the LaGrange L1. 

The LaGrange L1 motorized skate truck is available only from RedRock Boardshop, buy one now.

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    • Guest (Calin)

      Being able to use outrunner motors for a skateboard is a awsome. They are the best motors on market, very powerful and very light. They also produce a lovely sound while accelerating and braking. It has very good range also. I ve tested mine with a 5000mah 11 v battery and it lasted 9km on flat with lots of braking and accelerating. that was surprising. Is is great fun. A nonmotorised board on flat can only go at relatvely low speed but this one is fast and closer to snowboarding style.

      from Bucharest, Romania
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